The idea for a show came out of Max and Patrick's mutual fondness for discussing games. They had planned to start a 2-guy show, when Beez came along and said that he'd be interested in doing something too. Being a filthy casual gamer, something of a foodie, and very wealthy he agreed to bankroll the show and grace us with his presence. Finally, after much badgering, Ani agree to join up and give her incredible depth of gaming knowledge and love of birds to the show. With the crew assembled, they had finally leveled up to what you hear before you.

The focus we start with will often times be the world of gaming, both modern and retro, but because one of us may have an eating problem, there will likely be some food talk as well. We are also all plugged into the matrix, so you can expect some chatter about the tech world. Finally, at the end of the day, we just love to hang out and talk. So if all else fails, just listen, dammit. You might hear something you like.